The Phillipine and Indian ignorance

These countries are the countries I grew up half from.

I share with my views on why I consider one over the other and the idea of developing countries concept as well.

First, both countries are 3rd world countries we all know that so we can’t do anything about that secondly, we have a rich heritage looted from us but still we continue to strive forth the next generation.

Now, I will say this to you I don’t favour any country in fact in my life I consider them both my home. We live through times where we suffer and gain something in exchange but the power of influence from one’s country bringing an effect to young teenager much like me is very powerful based on how I grew up.

Both countries of mine gave me much to learn in life and much to not learn in life especially never trusting a malyalam girl or giving your money to a country you can’t trust. I can’t believe I grew up in such countries that are still learning to grow up. As a individual learning to peice down the puzzles of we become more  distant to our world because of how we think and point of the matter is what you do while your away from the world makes an impact on your society whether you like it or not. Unfortunately, I can’t give you tips on how to develop a country because it’s pointless it’s like asking a baby if he/she knows how to drive.

The reseach stated from my fellow blogger from India state the fact how we live there ( I post the her blog in conversation later on) but the words and research on how she explains a country she loves shows how much she love the country and that honor, power, and respect  to her.

I choose to make a change in both my countries as well but all in good time my friend mind you.

I urge my fellow Indian countrymen fight for you country don’t let it go to waste its your name that you ignore, your status, the  title “India-n” defines who you are. I too am an Indian by blood and my heart is for you unfortunately your government does not recognize me as one so what can I do? I wish to stand alongside you fight the corrupt government but Philippines also has the same problem so hence I choose a better fish to fry. Believe in your country search for the truth in your heart and mind to overcome the suppressors, fight for you right as title in you heart, soul, and mind.

“Jai Hind!”

During my last few years in India I studied the history of India and mind you I memorize the timelines. Kings, gods, men women, kids and animals fighting for this country. One thing I love about India is the philosophy of gods in relation to men, men coming together with one purpose building up this country. Leaders who are merely human beings giving their life and what do we do with all this honor and respect?

Tell me!

Same goes for my country here in the Philippines. We have change in this country through our beloved president Mr. Rody Duterte or commonly known as Du30 and his current administration right now. My country too has some good leader well recently not few days ago we celebrated them as the National heroes day on August 30th. We have people like Andres Bonifacio, Rizal, Luna, Marcos, (I have my reasons) etc. So I cannot discuss much change here everyday we are trying as well.

What about you India?

Who do have that will not steal your money? And actually change your country for the better.
You have the gadgets, time, money, but what do you use it for. You have corrupt govenment you hardly give a damn about.

It will affect you!

Right now, you’ll be ignorant but who pays for your rent, food, and job?

Think man!

Start fighting!

Never stop because on the day you die you will know what you did for the people of your country.

You are the delopment the country need not what your country wants.




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