The feeling of knowing something is coming your way is waiting for it to happen some may work for it, some choose to wait for it.


I do both because what I learnt from my past molded me to become a better man.

Love is the one which both are considered an option and is never a choice. I was brought into this world loved and cared for by family and freinds now I wish to give back till the day my hair is completely white. I have someone whom I love so much I wish to share my life, lessons, philosophies and prinicipals to.

Now coming to the heart of the subject what are my views on love. Well its simple really love is everything you do when you go out do your work and you come home you normally say “love your job”, play live music every night and you say you “love music”, a student studying for the exams not for the grades but for the subject be it may math or science “she love studying”. Love is the strongest force that holds humanity and mankind together. Much like the idea of “God’s love for us” the word love has many ways of speaking to us. Culture wise we all need love everywhere not just us human bring animals to. But what is my deep definition of love. For me I care for someone so much I choose not to force her to do my will but give her the choice to understand what I do. Everyday I meet people share my words of confidence not because I need friends because I care more about the fellowship, the love that god thought me. On a deeper scale love is more than what you say, its more than your action, its more than who you are. You are not defined by your love for your people, love is defined “in you” for your love to the people. We all are one family we all need to be one and act like one there are million songs written but people are still ignorant to the cause. Learn to love someone and see the perspectives of other to understand we are not mere gods. Let love define who you are.

If your lost don’t worry it wont hurt you to read again.




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