Education is not the key if you dont use it wisely

Now this one is for those out there trying hard to become something  big in life.

Honestly, we are all not that perfect in fact we are all the same we are all divided by society, caste, religion, tradition, culture, etc deep down we are all the same. Human being designed to be a part of a community, to nation, in order to have a blessed country.


How is it defined in a person’s life?
Of course some may argue it is the bread and butter for life.

It is!

Don’t get me wrong it is.

Only problem! That some people overdo things with education.

Now what do I mean by that?

Hang on! I’m getting there.

Recently I’ve come across an interview of a top scholar who aced her exam with high marks but once I realized in this interview she was asked what subject she was studying about she really never knew about it that first place.(link above)

See! That is what I’m talking about. (This blog doesn’t concern those who are working hard for the love of learning so your free to go.)

Truth of the matter is if you love what do then do it. Believe in it won’t be a hassle just to pass the subject in fact it’ll make it more fun. If your looking to work hard for number printed on paper just to get through to the other side then there is no point talking to you.

Just recently my current ethics teacher and I shared a conversation about the reality of thinking it was funny that he regarded me as one of the most powerful thinkers because of how I think ( I am not show boating here) that in turn gave me the reason to enjoy everything related to learning itself.

So go out there change the world. But be wise on how you do it, enjoy life itself, enjoy education, just basically enjoy!




3 thoughts on “Education is not the key if you dont use it wisely

  1. Being educated does not make us civilized. I have seen people who have a great educational background but they don’t follow simple civilian practices. Education has to be used wisely to make ourselves a better person and not just the means of earning money. People don’t even care about others when they are in public, they don’t follow the queue, they start to point fingers on each other and sadly teaching their kids the same practices. It breaks my heart to see people not learning kindness and basic courtesy rules even after becoming doctors, engineers and much more. Great post, I agree 100%.

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