The usage of quotes these days

I have noticed this in my facebook homepage more often now it is quite confusing.

Firstly, I’m not against anyone who uses quotes infact I quote myself too just so you know.

Illustrations in my mind of a person that justifies his/her philosophy through quotes is the best way of self expression when in time you create something make sure it make sense. Majority of the things I don’t get is the majority of quotes used in profile pictures which is highly irrelevant to the quote itself is purely nonsense. I’m sorry if being to honest but this the real world we live in not a world where you expect your image to be more meaningful with a badass quote that doesn’t even meet your personality. I know you are all trying to be big in this world and your social media is your platform, your stage that is all good and understandable but think about this for a second you stand in front of the world with your so called powerful “words of wisdom” which equivalent to nothing  basically and you expect us catch your drift.

What on god’s green earth are you really thinking man!

Forgive me for being to rude today.

Somethings are better spoken rather bottled up inside my head in this case I had to just write it down.

Please be true to yourself and prove it to us you are capable of being human not some dumbass who thinks he/she can write good quotes but be meaningless to himself and to other around him/her.

All I ask is that.




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