This world will take everything from you, make everything from you, and related everything from you but never ask from this world not even 0.05%.

What are you here for?

I am sorry I’m gonna get deep into our mind sets here. Our world is showing us the reality that we face in the mirror everyday. Our world made us the impossible. Look at nothing it suddenly becomes something, look at something it suddenly becomes nothing. I know it has been said you have no part in this world. You don’t need worldy pleasures it was written in the bible somewhere. But what make you a man or a woman the impossible I guess it is the world. Why? You only believe in the possible things when the  impossible is there to be made.

As a student I learnt a few things while studying people I meet everyday. Those that fail more gains more in their mind more that a numbers on the paper. I believe in everyone I know that they can be who they are with that sense of courage to push through. Development is lacking  in my country. I don’t like it but I have to live with it. We are a powerful country once without development we are nothing. I hope we’d become more intellectual with our hunger for and quest for knowledge not hunger for green paper. We all have the power to change the world but we hold on to the power of changing our greed.

Filipinos hate me or love me for writing this I have nothing against you or your stupidity please open your eyes! I urge you look within for who you really are!

I may not say much for now because I maybe tired but please! Please! Please! Wisen up all I ask of you. Not for me but for all the people of the planet.




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