Lets go!

How much more does it take for you to become a musician? A real one not one of those fake poser who like they know shit about music.

Well if your answer is yes then I guess you are probably one of those posers yourself.

I’ll tell you why.

Music is everything. An endless flow of river which never gets over. Why? You ask. Good question. I don’t know why but what makes it more amazing where you expected to see yourself going is not actually where your going because music will change you entire being. Some say music has no life, no meaning, no future. Okay if music has no life then why are you listening to music while studying? How many kids around your neighborhood when they go to school they have headsets gluestuck to thier ears? While working out! While going to work radio!? Eh!? Music! Rockstars make a ton of money. HOW!? MUSIC MAN!!

Before you put down something that has been essentially been motivating you for the entire time please consider what you doing firstly. This is not a warning it is a wake up call to those youngsters out there who want to find meaning in their life you have meaning here. Try it out don’t give up so quick. I tasted my first major on classical guitar today it is tough but I will wait! Be patient with my craft.

Thats all for today.




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