Suspended classes

Now this is full of confusion based on the writing itself.

“It is raining!” – remember I said okay?

Now to start off the day I woke up and it is still cloudy just like yesterday. My head is filled  with confusion I don’t even know what to do after I woke up. So I had to check my social media for information and they said college classes are on and I said okay! Game on! Let’s go to school. The rain was on and off. No doubts in my head as I reached the place of burden and hardwork which is called my college I see few of my classmate heading home. Mind you remember what I said in the beginning!

Where does the information of common sense ever work in this country!!

Somewhere in the government they might as well say. Oh! A tree just fell on the road na..h college must go on! Education is important.. bro!!! Common sense is also helpful!!! Please Philippines don’t make me kill you from your stupidity.


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