What do you see my friend

In the world we live in we have unlimited chances of becoming the best.

I’ve seen men do incredible things with just a skinny complexion, men who carried the world with their minds, women who fought back against injustice, children with job of dreams that a million men cannot accomplish in one lifetime.

Then I say to myself wow! It iss something else to actually live that way but what am I doing with my own life. What have I done to change minds or people or even a small minds dreams. It is actually possible it is just the matter of mentality how we perceive things.

I have a billion thoughts runnning in my head 24/7 & believe it is really nice to think the only application is merely the challenge but all in good time my friend. Just becquse i have doesn’t mean is now or never. There is a time where you see things are merely impossible so live what is known to you as possible when you find the best time for your grand picture to be painted then you’re on right track.

Till then,




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