Based on a hindu philosophy

This may sound contradictive to some but this my way of understanding life.

A conversation I had once when I was young with a friend from India gave an insight with lately give me a reason to believe it being rightful.

He told me that “he considers his father and mother as gods” for all the love and support he gets from them. At first in my head back was it was spell bounding because a young mind cannot digest such deep meaningful words.

To me in my philosophy life is all about learning and growing with people. We share, love, hate, etc. The lasting impression we have is that we are human and we don’t have the right to consider to go against the rules.

For me I believe we have the right to believe what we believe and I start to consider the philosophy of my friend . I know some may already be fustrated to why I think my friend was right in some way.

Its quite simple actually, where did you come from? Where did you learn your ethics, motives, principles? Where did you grow up mentally and physically?

My sense of worship to my family comes in a different meaning.
In Philippines we have a saying called “utang na loob”. Which means gratitude from within. I’ve been carried around by both my father and mother for almost a decade now. And now that I’m geting old I need to learn to be my own self. Gratitude is what I pay them in return for what they stood for honour by my education & life is what I will give them in return.




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