Come on where’s the drama in that?

Since its a new sem everything controversial about me has brush off so to speak. Majority of the case or offences I have created where false and were imaginative at the highest order.

It’s quite funny that I reacted to majority of these allegations as though I was guilty now here I am wanting to be entertained by it even more.

#1. Much like me being quite attitudinal.

Let me explain, I don’t know how in my conscience & I became so attitudinal to be honest I was raise in a family where i was thought to be humble with my actions and words. It so happens I meet people along the way here in Philippines who I tried get to know but turn my approach are all wrong.

#2. Dumbass stories I did but actually I didn’t.

Oh this one got me good, there was a story about me the broke out last sem where I did something stupid but in reality i did do it. Funny thing I did my investigation on it & it merely a shitload of cock and bull. (It’s a long story)

#3. I am good at speaking english & expressing myself.

Some stupid people never learn even education doesnt seem to be the right fit for them. Why? It’s because of jealousy. I love to ask, share, grow, & learn. Many deemed me offensive because of my ideologies. Some because I share my thoughts rather than them. Its so funny two sem ago I was new to this game of life between a life of the filipino mentality. But I’m in for the long haul I ain’t going no where.

#4. Grateful friends.

There a few folks I do speak to who can level with me in a good way. I knowIi can’t carry the whole world on my shoulders yet I rather have these folks than those remaining imbeciles.

#5. I’m in it for the knowledge & the sociolization.

This what school and colleges are for. Who the hell cares about people’s personality if they don’t adjust towards other mentality. ” Its a hard knock life for us”. We are in it for these two important keys in life. Go away if you don’t like me. I can’t do anything about it now.

So far those are the top 5 craziness I deal with here in UB everytime I come back. I don’t care if few of my so called friends will unfriend me after reading this message. Go my children with my blessings if they do so. I cannot contain my fustrations over a cup of coffee & I couldn’t care less of those who think about me negatively anymore I used to care now what’s the point. Eh?




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