Giving back a piece of you to the world not for you fame but for humanities sake

Giving back how much does it cost?

What do you have to lose ?

We live in times where we cannot predict what happen to us next. Chaos is everywhere we go. What we have left is ourselves and the generation after us as well. What sign of hope could we bring to our society not just as Filipinos but as humans beings in the sight god to bring humanity here and in heaven for us to seek life greatest gifts for tomorrow.

There is nothing much to be said in terms of speaking because a million words can effect mind of the youth but not his or her actions. I’m not asking you (whoever you are) not to rebel against the cost in order to win over life. We are all going back to the ground at some point so what are we doing here makes it more valuable to time and presence on God’s green earth.

1. Help each other promote peace.
2. Justify what is right not what your right, everyone’s rights.
3. Bring the children of god to happiness.
4. Bring happiness to your families, friends, & fellow colleagues.
5. Change your actions if needed be.

Few of these things you might have heard already but application is key. It is not Alright if you say you talk about changing yourself or the world but I reality your just changing your diet plan it does not work that way. We are all a family one single unity bringing peace towards each other. Just like Jesus said “If your brother sins agaisnt you 7  times forgive him 7 times.” So the point is we need to apply what read I don’t mind if it is my blog or if someone elses blog the which shares the same sense of humanity. Be aware of who you are and fearless regardless of what they tell you.




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