The Art of a Conversation by RCD part 1


Is what we normally start with a simple hi can lead you to many new things in life such a relationship, jobs, friends, etc.

With these sets of advices start I might consider writing a book soon or not depending this first blog goes.

And if we have chapters this will be your chapter one,

#1 Basics.

You shy being around people, or do you have a crush on someone & you don’t like speaking to him/her because of first impressions?

Well all that is going to change today.

How you say?

Start with a hi, get to know personalities not being judgemental to soon leave it to chance if it does not work don’t force it. The basic hi is not really the most toughest thing you do in life it’s just two letters so go ahead and say it. Get creative with it as well the more you become creative the more the interest in you will work. That’s how some people like me far from those who don’t understand me this is all based on experiences.

For now we will start with this short introduction if you are interested for more let me now on the comments below.




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