How big is a big picture for your dream?

Do you want to be a millionaire?

How badly do you want it?

What is that you learn from becoming rich?

Will that be worth it to you?

These simple questions we can’t seem to answer on point sad but true.  (Like if you are with me so far.)

So let’s start with the title of this blog.

How big is a big picture for you dream?

I don’t know your aspirations but I may related with you here. Living as a musician exposure is what you need to break the bank not your life or even an artist/animator/painter or basically anyone who wants to share something good. If you are following my recent post some of my words may come from there.

To start off, how big are you setting your self?

Do you have plans or spontaneous reactions to anything that comes your way?

Now coming to does who plan up here is a common way for us to level our mentality.

First of all, how solid is your plan?

Do you know where you are going?

And how you are getting there?

A strategy I give you as a musician this may work not depends how you do it. First of all,exposure yourself…(exposure? how?) Go play live, make a recording (it may cost you) & your update social status everywhere some of us make our own facebook page thinking it’ll be a gold mine for but later I realised I did something from experience I am sharing with you.

What is that you ask?

Exposure is all about getting being seen & facebook is a good platform to seen but how far do you want be seen?

The plan is to go big right?

Why you ask?

You want to seen right from the ratio of being exposed on facebook alone it won’t happen if you place this in numbers your target is five yet your exposure is only one & you ask youself why? Then you surrender, then the dream is dead. (I hope its clear to you by now)
Go to explore different platforms such twitter, youtube, etc. Believe you’ll hit a gold mine from one of all those accounts you made. Funny thing some of those platforms are for free so you just add your email Id & your state of mind.

Here’s your chance to go big.

If you are reading this for instant wealth then I’m sorry in the wrong blog post. Patience is the key as well you may not get in your business instantly it’ll take time. Do a part time anywhere just to keep up then when it the time to let go your good to go.

Hope I clear the way of being exposed.

Leave nothing to chance, if you crazy videos of you back then you wanna share go ahead people will enjoy it not hate you for it in fact they’ll love you for it.

Now here the painful part you might not like, it’ll hurt your wallet so please be careful!. INVEST create a bank account save up your money (how about a beer & booze?) Sure once in a while not all the time remember you are heading somewhere high by then you may even forget how to drink but point is you are heading to your home so take yourself seriously this is not a joke. I MEAN IT

As you learn more when you getting one step by step higher you will grateful if you read and you wanna make change do it &  you are welcome from my end.

Who knows we might meet someday somewhere probably share a beer or so.

Stay tuned for more advices.




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