All in good time my friend

This advice would be meaningful for those poeple who are suffering from problems
Such financial problems, family problem, relationships, employment & etc.

If it doesn’t help you then thank you at least for reading this post.

I am a guy with a million expection but in small quantities, in this day and age we all go through life through doubt &  fear. Never knowing what to expect when to expect it but in this post will hopefully be a sunrise to your cloudy day.

So lets get started,

First of all I may not know on a personal level where you have been through in your life but what I can say is mostly true “life is shitty in so many levels .” (Leave a like if it’s true) But it will never be like for long if you don’t want it. To be honest I kid you not…

We all come from weird backgrounds in life, some from the poor and some from the rich but in this life what makes you who you are is by the paths you take, you create and travel on the road and it’s clled life.

Let me explain this further, Bill Gates never finished high school (like duh….) we all know that but he set his mind to his own goals, Arnold Schwarzenegger shares the same story needless to say. Point of the matter is that everyone wants to be big in some form or the other but they don’t believe in themselves to start with how can that work?

So here are my personal advice for you :

These are common so nothing great advices i could give you that but message is what you need to absorb.

1. See beyond & go beyond.
2. Challenge yourself.
3. Keep trying & you’ll win at some point.
4. Look back for inspiration not for a reckless decisions.
5. INVEST in yourself & your interest.
6. Be happy to learn.
7. Paint a big picture for you & you alone.
8. Look around.
9. Plan & strategize yourself.
10 . Enjoy what you do.
11. Expect nothing & do more.
12. Find inspiration or be one.
13. Socialize & be one with the world.
14. Push harder mentally, physically & spiritually.
15. Respect the environment.

My favourite philosophy that I always live by is this,
Think outside the box, think inside the box, and be the box.

It’s hard to get it unless you try understanding where I’m getting at in this blog,
this goes out to those working hard don’t stop doing it.
I have faith in you no matter what even if you dont know me I am personally glad you read my message.

Spread the word!


~ RCD.


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