It’s Sunday Again!

This will be my first daily update on whats the happenings here.

Well as we know its Sunday again but its raining here in Philippines. Nothing new about that but this Sunday to is my first Sunday blog let’s talk.


I love the bass out of all the instruments on planet earth I would go for the either an upright bass or a bass. The story goes long before I started playing my music I was much incline to arts when I was at a young age (especially skectch art)  in my life I draw everyday & I heard stories that I use to wake up with my underwear on (around 5 years old or so) and I start attacking sheets of paper to start my day. As time when on by developed my art here are few samples:


This are some artworks I made here with my sketch pad just recently, but back then oh man! Technology wasn’t popular we had to go out play with real toys like batman toys. (Unlike cellphones, facebook,etc.)

Not to hate them but it was different back and it is different now.

Coming back to my music life, fast forward year later most pobably around 2013 my dad brought himself a custom made bass guitar because unfortunately he had an accident with wrist earlier when he a kid.

(The size of his bass guitar is slight smaller than a regular jazz bass.)


(This is a picture my dad bass I call her “Chelsea” I Don’t know why & he doesn’t like when I call her that hahaha.)

My interest in music back then wasn’t as much as it is  today, but the moment my dad bought home his bass guitar fresh off the custom made shop he bought in India that was when everything changed for me I started fiddling around with the bass than guitar. At first, I was fun, challenging at times and easy but it was tough as well but learning is key and by learning I ventured into new types of music much funk based bands like Victor Wooten, Marcus Miller, Flea, RHCP,& etc.

All thanks to Youtube ofcourse!

And further few year later, I got my very own custom made bass guitar too on one of my birthday and she is exactly like the size of the actual electric guitar because at the time I got my bass made my father suggested the guitar maker to keep it simple and I did not expect to get that bass too.


(Now her! I Call her Imagrey)

Currently I use a red Ibanez bass which my father bought also when I was there I currently use her for jam session especially with my Band The Groove of Thomas

That’s my story if you care to share stories like this feel free to comment and have blessed Sunday!


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