Living the Dream


I live a small part of my dream everyday from the time I wake up and when go to bed.

Some may ask how?

Here are some few tips I can give you :

  • Set a goal

    – Be it may anything you desire do it from sports, music, arts etc.

  • Keep your head up even at dark times by keeping yourself distracted

    – I know it’s hard to always keep a smiling face even though we sometimes feel down. Do something else productive perhaps take a walk, play with you dog, go downtown to the mall, exercise, etc.

  • Place a motivation everywhere you go at home or at work

    – It can be anything from a photo of your favorite basketball player to a piece of jewelry that a family member gave you that hold dearest. 

For me I guess I can say…ummm…. My Dogs or My Art or Me.

  • Invest on yourself

    – Sometimes when we earn, we tend to enjoy the benefits of our hard work but INVEST Or Try at least a mere 20% or more from what you earn who knows it may be the best decision you ever made.

If you can’t invest then what will hold you tomorrow?


  • Ask yourself one important question :


    It will make sense more if you understand what you want in life not what anyone one else wants from you.  

Somewhat deep right?..Yeah it got me too haha!

If I miss out a few then I probably forgot about it but the whole point of the matter is that you are who you are and you can change that if you want to or not but that’s up to you. 


Enjoy life!


~ RCD.


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