Stranger in the street of the world

Here a man weeps in the corner,

No money,

No strength,

Not a family member at sight,


They were there when he was rich,

They were there when he was richer,

As the money fell,

They said goodbye,

He asked for a reason,

No one said why,

Fear is what brought him to tears,

Money was not his hunger,

Its his wife’s only smile,

That made his day,

Pain made him anger,

Made him work harder,

As they grim left,

He fell down an immortal sinkhole,

That left him insane.



Work obsessed

Nothing more,

Nothing less,

Can compare,

To the ability,

To be the one to do something,

No one can do,

Without being obsessed.


Sign of life

Every call from the world,

Seems to break us down,

The priest will curse you,

You friends will no longer remember you,

You have been beaten to the bone,

What is your only resort?

Die with it or grow with it?

There is no longer a choice in life,

If you choose to not even choose life anymore.


Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Review

Since this is my first ever review of a book I might as well bring you the best I could offer up. Any recommendations feel free leave your comments below.

Why do you need this book?

It is really simple if you want to learn more about how the rich keeps getting richer this is your book. It will simply expand your knowledge of how to understand money. It will open up you mind to various opportunities in which you can buy, and manage your assets to basically make money work for you.

It will make you understand the difference between upper class wealth and lower class with wealth in regards to understanding money behaviours and how they perceive money.

” Great opportunities are not seen with your eyes. They are seen with your mind.”

One of my favourite quotes in this book that can motivate you as well:

“The single most important asset we all have is our mind. It is not trained well, it can create enormous wealth seemingly instantaneously. An untrained mind can also create extreme poverty that can crush a family for generations” – Rich Dad

Rich dad poor dad one of the most interesting reads I have ever come across. It tackles almost everything you need to know about finance and how to acquire wealth for entreprenuers who dream to become successful one day. I recommend this to everyone who is interested in learning something new.

Check out this book out at amazon:

Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not!


I am not a robot,

Nor the animal,

I fear,

I’m judged,

I care,

I live,

I love,

I feel,

Greed in my mind never seems to justify my fate,

But to put life into context I do fail and succeed,

I don’t understand the need for people,

To enforce an idea they believe in,

To justify me wrong,

I rather be real and rare than those who see fit than others,

Personally speaking.


Beaten down

At a point,

Pound by pound,

Fist and kicks,

Keep me down,

Not by humans,

But by everything in between,

The sun to the ground,

My face has become nothing,

But blood and bones out of nothing,

I am,

I cannot stand anymore,

Nor fight because I do not contend to,

Spit and cuss,

I hear and see,

All I am to them is misery,

Not me,

I am.

When in times of war,

You see yourself,

Down you’ll know,

The time when to pick yourself up,

Don’t throw in anything,

Nothing is worth that moment,

If not lost to another,

Learning from your other,

And just be you.


The dream

Is no longer for the people,

It is the power of individualism,

That has taken over,

“No one is an island” they say,

The reason is because no one can really really loot their own land,

So they love to travel else where,

“Faith put everything into perspective” another one,

Do we really need to see how much of us are loosing lives each day?

The dream is a dream,

Where all of which was once ours,

Will always and forever will be mine,

Truth be told,

Kindly look around,

None of these words makes sense if you walk see, touch and feel,

Not even your digital screen can speak more than the values you see everyday.