Lost I am

Trying to search for the meaning behind a world so blind but I can't, I want to understand from men who only I wish to see what I can see, Truths hidden away from me, How can I learn? How can I thrive? Where everywhere I go people put a price on everything, Including belief,... Continue Reading →

Concept of a celebration

As life goes on, I notice that celebration has become a need, For everybody, I don't understand the reason behind it, Let alone celebrating life itself, It is understandable that life is celebrated everyday, Through learning, teaching and reaching, But why dedicate such a particular day, For only ones own gain, I understand me times... Continue Reading →

Meeting up with reality

This is where boys become men, This is where girls become women, Our table is here, Our sins is here as well, Forgiveness can't complete us, Unless we carry that pain far beyond, Our deaths, The cost of living has a bill, We will pay for our damages, Our sins will never be forgotten, Praying... Continue Reading →

Our hands

Creator of dreams, Mover and drive of wheels, Stop the smoking, Start making that deal, Push forth another generation, Out to is own, Instead making them look like a clown, Wash them clean,  Before you eat, Dont forget that blessed meat. ~Rajah Dah Bass.

Get to work!

"Think about what you want, Keep thinking about it until someday you won't do anything about it. Move past think start moving!" ~Rajah Dah Bass.

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