Abstract Art #1


The Dance.



Extra facts:

  • These painting are back to back.
  • They both have the same colors applied.
  • War is painted on the black side of the board.
  • The Dance is painted on the white side of the board.

-Rajah Dah Bass.

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I was beginning to rule the world


While driving home around the afternoon Father saw his son in backyard wearing nothing but his regular pajamas a cape around his neck, card board sword which he made and a crown on his head.

Of course he knew his son was playing with imaginary creatures big and small.

Suddenly as he reached for the door he saw his son turned sad all of a sudden so he went and spoke to him and here what he said:

Father: What happened son why so sad?

Son: My imaginary friend went home.

Father: Don’t worry he’ll come back tomorrow. Let’s go inside have some an ice cream or two.

Son: But he said I was rude so he left.

Father: Son. In this life, you will see the world as a place where good is bad and bad is good, some people will be kind to you in order to take something from you, and some real people will stay. So don’t feel bad about people leaving you if ever feel happy instead so that you get to discover the world and you’ll probably rule it with that crown on your head right now.

Son began to look at his father only to realize the only real thing he had was his father’s words and he said “Dad starting tomorrow I will go find real friends, conquer the world and someday I will rule the world.”

His father hugged him and said “I always know you will.”


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Influence the world!


Listen up!

I wanna say something:

I know this is a small world with a lot of creative people. Dreamers for future far beyond expectation that I know we can reach for the stars and bring down a future where we share a beautiful life for other much like ours. The image above show how much I find it interesting how people support me in turn I like to influence you in a good way, a positive way. I am grateful for my followers for finding me/ following my writings but I have a favor to ask of you RIGHT NOW!

Please never stop writing and creating your own beautiful talented works of literature for us reader a like to read and share to others. I want you to influence the common people into finding new ways to spread the word of reading and writing so that we have more to share from and more to learn because we live this one life.


(Positive Vibes all around!)



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Why the name Rajah Dah Bass?

Much like my favourite vocalist of all time Robert Plant as ” The Golden God” and John Entwistle “Ox” I chose to have an identity as well much like the legends whom I enjoyed over time and I wish to be one like  them in the future.

No further explanation I could give to justify the name because once I’m one with the stage that is where “my golden attitude” begins to take shape.

I’m not a flashy as others but the challenge to forge an identity which no one else can create is always the biggest challenge. Yet I stand here before you read to play the music I love and live for. So if there is any objection let’s kindly move on then and get funked!




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I’m on Pinterest!


I recently came across this cool social media app which at this time I’m still learning about it’s called “Pinterest” if you guys have Pinterest accounts do check out my boards if you have any advises you would like to give me please comment below let me know.

Don’t forget to follow me by clicking on the link below:




~Rajah Dah Bass.

My days!

Bright is the sun,

Put away your gun,

Let’s go out have some fun,


There is life,

Where there is no knife,

It’s all about strife,


Win is gain,

Throw away your pain,

You are not Cain,


Live in one,

Other we are none,

Or we rather be someone.


~Rajah Dah Bass.


What have we achieved?,

Where have we gone wrong?

What is right?

And how do we justify that?

Life is slow an impending death,

Written within itself,

By men who choose,

To play the rules,

They created for us.

-Rajah Dah Bass.

Photography it is too addictive!


Now I learnt that photography is really difficult man! It is fun!

Recently in one of my classes I’ve been presented a new form of art which is known as photography and boy it is something else. Believe me at first when I got into photography or videography what I assumed it was all easy you know taking a video posting it on what ever social media platforms are available but wait… This sucker is tough to the bone I mean seriously art at it’s finest. I recently have this hunger to take my DSLR Sony A 100 for a spin and wow! results do pay off really well… At first  when I got into photgraphy I was accustomed to the automatic setting where compositions are normally created out of light and balance presented at the given time and space..BUT WAIT!!! Manual feature have impacting results far better than automatic where you get to dabble with you own form of expression..Unbelievable!

Here’s a sample of my photography you be the judge.



-Rajah Dah Bass.

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