Contract for a goal

Driven are your thoughts,

Forced to be recognized,

Fire without structure,

Flame without contrast,

Knowing you is a question,

All seem to ask more often,

But in life what is real enough for you,

That cannot be seen yet unseen,

Its it all too real,

Or just imagination based of from your image.



What is ever the unquestionable meaning of life?

Legacy apart from actions taken before thinking?

Or is it before the action can be conceived,

Men will make a choice regardless of where it would go,

The only problem is the vision before it is unknown,

Some say he was lucky,

Or was he?

Question is left unanswered,

Is it all worth it?


Complete restrain

Losing someone is the worst feeling you can ever have,

Pain of the suffering you cannot bear,

All of the world will not care,

Should you choose to believe in changes of all perception,

Creation of the sun is more than deception,

What more do you want of me to offer?

I cannot expect more in life than just being,

Completely restrained forever.


Hanging by a thread

Few more minutes before you go,

I gotta ask,

Is this what you ask for in life?

A legacy filled with wishes,

Demands that have never met,

A dance left undone,

Only to give it to your younger ones,

For them to accomplish and not for you,

What more can you say?

All if it never went your way,

Don’t leave it up to chance,

This is only the life you’ll ever have,

Don’t lose that chance to live,

Like never before.



I often wonder growing up,

In this world full of pain,

Life is meant to be valued,

Sadly in the end the reward is ultimately,


Trying to understand this world,

Is like magic,

Contradiction to ones reality,

Once we have what we want,

It becomes useless,

You may say its psychology,

Are you sure it is not more than that?

Much of it based on belief and faith,

I often wonder,

Seeking for purpose belonging,

Alongside strangers,

Who choose to only be wanted as people,

Divided throught words,

That are like chains,

Pulling them away from,

Life’s most important goal,


You can care less or not

But I believe,

We all will face the consequences,

From our past,

That will stop our future,

If only someone will understand,

Ask them this question first;

Are you change? or are you not?


Natural flow

Not because we begin,

With heart,

We choose to demand and be taken serous,

Then few days run pass,

You lose focus on what is right,

Natural flow is a needed

To get things moving

Keep that in mind.


What war

Charge the people,

Curse the man,

Blessed by the father,

Forgotten is the son,

Question your morals,

What else could it be,

If it was to realistic,

What else would you see,

Kill the man for the rainbow,

Lock in the pot of gold,

Ask you now if forever,

Whom this haven’t you sold,

This is never-ending,

You know it best,

Now reality has past you by,

Where is the rest?